InterviewFunnel helps recruiters automatically screen job applicants.

InterviewFunnel solves the biggest pain point for recruiters - screening through hundreds of unqualified job applicants.

Our system automatically asks job applicants a series of scenario questions. Applicant answers are then reviewed by our automated algorithms.

InterviewFunnel's algorithms then filters out unqualified job applicants to present you the top 5% of applicants.

How InterviewFunnel Works

  • Bulk upload all job applicant CVs. We'll scan through the CVs to pull their names and email addresses. If you have an ATS, our system can connect to your ATS to automatically pull names and email addresses.
  • We’ll automatically email each job applicant, directing them to our questionnaire page with the scenario questions you've selected. (our database has hundreds of suggested questions, tailored to each role)
  • Once job applicants answer the scenario questions you've selected, InterviewFunnel's algorithms then analyse and score the answers given by each job applicant. Our system automatically reminds applicants who haven't answered the questions to do so.
  • Once done, InterviewFunnel will send you a summary of the top 5% of job applicants. You can then look through their CVs to pick the ones for the next round of interviews.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the number of applications to a job opening you’ve posted?

The biggest problem with online job portals is spam applications. Because each job application only requires a simple mouse-click, job applicants end up sending their application to every job opening. Even ones which they are not qualified for.

And so, HR is then left with the arduous task of sifting through 644 CVs, looking for the 10 job applicants who are actually qualified for the open role.



The sad thing is that when you’re sifting through that many CVs, you get numb. Decision fatigue sets in. You end up rushing through the CVs, spending mere seconds on each applicant. This causes recruiters to inadvertently overlook some great job applicants.

More tech savvy recruiters use keyword searches via the ATS. But this too is limited as many great job applicants don't have CVs with the right content.

Neither method is foolproof.

We have a better way to filter job applicants!

Here's an example of our system presenting a question to a job applicant who applied for a marketing manager position.


Thanks for applying to the position of Online Marketing Manager.

How many years of marketing experience do you have?

I don't have any marketing experience.

- John

Hello John,

At the moment, we're only considering candidates with relevant marketing experiece. My apologies.

But that’s just the first question. The system then goes WAY more advanced.

Scenario Questions: The most accurate way to identify the best candidates

InterviewFunnel uses Scenario Questions to really assess if the candidate knows what they’re talking about.

Scenario Questions are the most reliable means to filter candidates. This is exactly how top companies, like Google, filter candidates as well.


Assume your client is a B2C business with customer Lifetime Value (LTV) of 400 USD.

What marketing channels would you recommend they use?
I'd recommend using Facebook.

- John

When you’re comparing dozens of job applicant answers to the same question, it becomes easy to identify the rockstars. You’ll never miss another great hire again.


Assume your client is a B2C business with customer Lifetime Value (LTV) of 400 USD.

What marketing channels would you recommend they use?
400 USD LTV for a B2C business is really high. It's an excellent place to start.

Assuming an ad impression to paying conversion rate of 1%, that leaves us with a budget of 4 USD per ad click.

With that in mind, channels like Facebook & Instagram would work. But probably not Snap or YouTube (due to high video production costs).

Content marketing might also work quite well and would be a superior long term investment.

- John

Select from our database of scenario questions.

We've compiled hundreds of scenario questions, categorised by departments: marketing, sales, customer service etc.

Select from our example or suggest your own questions.


In your experience, what are the key components of a successful inbound digital marketing strategy?

Name an insight or trend that you see happening in the marketing industry right now?

We have a new fitness software product coming out in three months, targeted at consumers in North America. What would you do to launch it?

InterviewFunnel finds the top 5% of job applicants

By reading through job applicant question responses, InterviewFunnel's algorithms sort through all applicants, and identify the top 5%.

The algorithm uses a combination of key words, natural language processing, and hard-coded rules to filter job applicants. At the moment, we do not use any type of AI or neural nets.

While InterviewFunnel's algorithms can help you find the top 5% of job applicants, identifying the BEST job applicant still requires expert human touch. (face-to-face interviews, culture fit etc).

That's where recruiters, like you, can come in and do your best work.

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